Coming from a musical and artistic family, I received my first piano lessons from my swedish-colombian mother, a well known piano teacher in my home town of Bogotà (Colombia). 

Parallel to my „bachillerato" I took piano and music lessons at the Conservatory of the „Universidad Nacional" of Bogotà. After my „bachillerato", I studied music there for four years. Due to permanent political problems at the „Universidad Nacional", I was, unfortunately unable to finish my studies there. During this time and for some years later, I studied piano with Arnaldo Garcia Guiñand.


I have been teaching the piano since 1978. So when I was offered a position as a “teacher-student” in the Conservatory of Ibague in 1979, I happily accepted and remained there for another four years. 

In this fantastic institution I received valuable experience in teaching, composing, conducting and administrating while continuing my own musical studies.

Parallel to teaching in Ibague, I helped to organize the activities of „Jeunesse Musicale" throughout Colombia, but due to economic problems at the Conservatory of Ibague, I could not obtain my diploma there either and therefore moved on.

Two semesters of studies at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque (USA) followed, where I studied composition as my major, and continued piano with George Robert.

At the Conservatory in Zürich (now called ZHDK) I finally obtained my teacher's degree in 1990 with Jürg von Vintschger from whom I learned so much about piano, music and musical life.

After a brief period teaching at the Jugendmusikschule in Zürich, I decided to work independently and have continued to do so.

I have been on the Board of the „Schweizerische Musik Pädagogischer Verband" (SMPV) for ten years organizing regular concerts and assisting in all the aspects of a Professional Association.