I teach a broad variety of literature. It encompasses traditional piano literature: baroque, classical, romantic, impressionist, 20th century and other styles of "erudite" music. It also includes popular music such as Jazz, Pop, Latin, New Age or whichever style my pupils like and choose to learn. I have a very extensive piano literature collection and permanently study new material to increase the size and quality of my library.

If a chosen piece is too difficult for a pupil's level, I arrange it with professional music notation software according to their capabilities and with the critical help of my student, I transform the piece so that he or she will be able to play it.

Periodical video and audio recordings as well as voluntary recitals of my pupils are held twice a year. This gives the students of all levels the opportunity to be aware of their own playing and show their development.

Are you too old to begin?

Over the years, experience has shown me that learning to play the piano can be enjoyed at any age.

You want to continue what you gave up as a child or teenager? 

I will happily help you to feel the joy of remembering and re-mastering your playing and continue where you left off.

Is your child too young? 

It all depends on how long your child is able to concentrate. If his or her concentration span is very short, I will have to include you too, in the piano lessons during a period of time.

Dyslexia, psychomotoric or similar problems?

On many occasions I have experienced that music and piano playing are marvellous means to work things out and help a child or adult along the sometimes bumpy road of life.